1. Prelims Course for CSAT
2. Pre Cum Mains Foundation Course for General Studies with Essay and Interview for 12th Pass Students
3. Optional available for Mains

Course Duration Lectures
Prelims (CSAT) 6 Months 160 Lectures
Pre Cum Mains (G.S.) 14 Months 320 Lectures
Optional Subject 5 Months 120 Lectures

1. Preliminary Course for CSAT –

Our Preliminary course (CSAT) starts about 5 months in advance of the UPSC Preliminary exam. In this course emphasis is given on the objective understanding of the subject. It gives special focus on the information which is relevant from examination point of view. Objective notes are provided, which are purely a result of sheer hard work put in by our faculty.

With the introduction of negative marking in UPSC Preliminary examination it has become all the more difficult. In the sense, it welcomes only the most sincere candidates. Our course with exclusive emphasis on prelims runs up to the expectation with flying colors.

2. Pre Cum Mains Foundation Course for General Studies with Essay and Interview for 12th Pass Students –

It’s the most elaborate, comprehensive and economical course available at the institute – naturally, the most popular.

It undertakes extensive coverage of the related topics in detail. Teachers start everything from the scratch so that even those students who are new with the subject feel easy and better off. Apart from class notes, printed copies of exclusive study material are also provided to the students. Regular tests are conducted to test the analytical & objective skills of the students. Pre cum mains course, not only saves time by not being unnecessarily repetitive but also makes sense to study the topics in a holistic way. It raises the confident level in the students, thus enhances the chances of scoring well in the examination. Our foundation course improves the essay writing skills keeping in mind the essay paper. Also, the language paper (both Hindi and English) which are of qualifying nature are taken care of. Having taken such classes regularly, a candidate can be sure of his/her success in civil service examination.

3. Main Course –

Just after the prelims examination, we start our patch for Mains – exclusively. In the short span of 4-5 months, quality lectures are provided focusing only on the analytical part of the subject. Extra effort is put to improve the writing skill of the students. Logical and effective writing is a matter of training. Therefore not only regular tests are conducted. Students are also made to practice answer writing. This improves their quality of expression and the ability to present ideas concisely, logically and effectively. This holds the key to success.

Mains examination includes 2000 marks of subjective writing. It clearly means, it is not just a test of your expression and knowledge of subject, but also a test of personality. The secret of scoring high marks in mains examination by the RAO IAS students resides in the sincere and honest effort put in by our faculty, not only to enhance their answer writing skills, but to develop and groom them to be a towering personality.